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N9804 60 Wafers

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VetSelect Multivitamin

Pet Supplements


Every dog, like their owners should be taking a daily multivitamin. VetSelect™ provides a complete multivitamin rich not only vitamins and minerals, but also includes essential fatty acids and biotin. Your pet will easily enjoy this great tasting daily multivitamin with antioxidants including green tea leaf, lemon and bioflavonoids to promote activity levels. Like humans, more studies are showing that pets should be ingesting more “greens”. The super greens blend of alfalfa, barley grass and spirulina algae provide a balanced blend to not only help enhance overall wellness. 

VetSelect™ Multivitamin may help keep your dog’s digestive system in proper health with a probiotics blend and digestive enzymes. Our chewable wafers are a favorite with dogs of all breads and sizes and has a savory beef flavor

  • Supports wellbeing for your dog†
  • Essential fatty acids and biotin for skin and coat
  • Contains digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals


Supplement Facts

Serving Size:

Amount Per Serving % DV
Dicalcium phosphate and calcium citrate 522 mg
(120 mg of calcium and 94 mg of phosphorus)
Ascorbic acid (50 mg of Vitamin C) 55 mg
Niacinamide (10 mg of niacin) 35 mg
D-calcium pantothenate (10 mg of pantothenic acid) 13 mg
Magnesium oxide (7.5 mg og magnesium) 12.5 mg
Manganese citrate (2.5 mg of manganese) 12.5 mg
Zinc citrate (3.5 mg of zinc) 11.72 mg
D-Alpha-tocopheryl succinate (12.5 IU) 10.9 mg
Selenium amoni acid chelate (15 mcg of selenium) 8.75 mg
Riboflavin (2 mg of riboflavin) 7.5 mg
Antioxidant Blend (green tea leaf extract, lemon, bioflavonoids, quercetin dihydrate) 7 mg
Pyridoxine HCI (1.65 mg of vitamin B6) 6.4 mg
Dried fish body oil 6 mg
Thiamin HCI (5 mg of Thiamin) 5.85 mg
Digestive Enzyme Blend (acid protease, cellulase, fungal protease, amylogiucosidase, fungal amylase, lipase) 5 mg
Beta - carotene and retinyl palmitate (450 IU of vitamin A) 4.9 mg
Cyanocobalamin (30 mcg of vitamin B12) 4.3 mg
Phto/Greens blend (alfalfa, barley grass, eleuthero root extract, spirulina algae) 4 mg
Biotin (30 mcg of biotin) 3.4 mg
Probiotic Blend (Lactobacillus acidophillus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum) 0.5 mg
Folic acid (30 mcg of folic acid) 0.4 mg
Inositol 0.125 mg

Other Ingredients: brewer’s yeast, microcrystalline cellulose, natural cheeseburger beef flavor, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silica.

SUGGESTED USE: Give recommended number of wafers daily Up to 10 lbs: 1/2 wafer 11 to 50 lbs: 1 wafer Over 50 lbs: 2 wafer WARNING: This product is intended for intermittent supplement feeding only NOTICE: Do not feed to cattle or other reminants