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N12870 60 Gummies

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Sleep Soundly Beauty Sleep Gummies

Melatonin / Sleep

Sleep Soundly®

Sleep Support Formulas

Melatonin & Biotin in a delicious berry flavored gummy to promote a good night’s sleep. Melatonin is the hormone secreted from the pineal gland in the brain whose role is to regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles.

Sometimes individuals do not produce enough melatonin and experience occasional sleeplessness. Insufficient sleep can have serious consequences on health, performance, productivity, and happiness. Sleep Soundly Melatonin is helpful for individuals with insomnia, jet lag or unusual work shifts that may prevent them from experiencing restful sleep.

Biotin, an essential B vitamin has been shown to promote normal hair growth and youthful looking skin. Biotin also helps to metabolize and enhance the proper use of nutrients.

  • Helps Support Sleep Cycle †
  • Non-Habit Forming, Drug Free†
  • Promotes Hair Growth and Supple Skin†