"Windmill History

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1972 by two pharmacists, Windmill Natural Vitamins was created to serve and support the independent retail pharmacy with superior products and services. Windmill grew to dominate the Midwest region in the independent drug store sector. In 1977, Windmill expanded East with the partnership formed with Ed Frankel, vitamin executive and former pharmacist to develop the Northeast territory based in the New York metropolitan area. Ed, a former executive with Hudson and Foods Plus Vitamins had a vision and energy for the development of the vitamin space.  

Dedicated to high quality supplements, superior service, education, regional marketing and promotional support, Windmill grew to service over 4,000 independent drugstores in over 20 states. Although many changes occurred throughout the decades, Ed's vision and commitment to the independent pharmacy channel never wavered and Windmill continued to flourish by adapting and expanding its product mix and services.

In the early 1990's, Ed purchased the Midwest division from his partners and Windmill began to distribute nationwide to multiple retail channels. The company launched its first nationally branded product, Hi-Ener-G®, which became the #1 sku in that sector.

At that time, Windmill also launched 3rd party brands to retail including Cybergenics, which revolutionized sports nutrition and QuickTrim, a #1 selling diet product that crossed over from specialty chains to mass market. Windmill continued to sell and market its own products as well as successful electronic retail and direct response brands including Smoke Away, Chitosol, Enzyte and Sensa.

Now, Windmill Health Products, as it’s been identified as since 2000, offers products in over 150,000 retail doors. It has lead the renewed growth and direction as a market innovator and leader, while maintaining its long term commitment of service and support to its original customer base.